Rahim Karimi

Born in Shiraz, the photographer Rahim Karimi developed a deep interest in photography as a child and after finishing his elementary studies moved to Tehran, where he studied photography at the Tehran College of Arts. In Iran he worked with various photographic projects and during his engagement at the National Iranian Television in Tehran, he made some documentary films. In 1978 Rahim Karimi migrated to Sweden. He studied film making at Stockholm University and at the Film College of Stockholm. He has made some documentary films in Sweden which have attracted much attention and has also been engaged as a media photographer. Both in Sweden and abroad he has arranged and participated in many solo and collective photo exhibitions. In 1999 Rahim Karimi started his own company, Photo Studio Aline, in Stockholm. He is the winner of the annual award for photography in San Francisco, USA. Rahim Karimi presented in May 2003 an exhibition of photography at the opening of Les Ballets Persans’ new production La Femme with the same theme; the woman. He is the company’s official photographer.